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What does the economy of tomorrow ask the students of today?

We are currently inheriting an unrealistic economy in that it cannot maintain neither itself nor the people and planet it ought to serve.
The economic and ecological crises, rooted in a crises of thought and action, open a new field of learning.
As radical as our economy needs to adapt, so we need to re-design our research and education.

The Economy School is a cooperative university, bringing different knowledge institutions and sectors together to develop education and research to in bridge the gab between theory and practice in economic innovation. Connecting the "quint essence" of government, knowledge institutions, civil society, finance, and business, the Economy School researches and develops alternative solutions for an emerging economy.
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This is an experience based crash course on the emergent economy. We bring together the avant-garde in economic innovation for a regenerative economy; academic, business, government, and free agents who are shaping the world as it emerges .

The summer school is a cooperation with the University of Utrecht and works as a temporary think-tank for economic regeneration to address the root issues of our economy. In 2 weeks students, teachers, economic pioneers, government, and financial institutions go on an expedition to make glocal scenario's and develop alternative value cases for the urban region of Utrecht.
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The Economy School takes an integral and cross sectoral approach to development. The real questions of our time reside not within a single discipline or domain, but between organizations and sectors. The emerging economy will have to deal with wicked questions that can only be dealt with through new forms of cooperation, new models of value creation, and different relationships of reciprocity that bridge these sectors.
The Economy School itself is a cooperation of the "quint essence" between knowledge institutions, government, civil society, business, and capital.