A new Lab in September

“Life is forwardly lived, but backwardly understood. “
—S. Kierkegaard

This september we embark with a new group of students on a creative enquiry. Follow their adventures and learnings on the Life Stream or come to the public events follow us on @learninglabNL

This is the invitation we did:

The Learning Lab is a laboratory, an experimental space of development, in which we go on an expedition to understand how we “become who we are”, as Nietzsche would have it, and how we learn to not only study but also design our world with creativity, sincerity, and sharpness.

In a combination of science, creativity, and leadership learning the Lab challenges you to explore and act upon the how, what and why of our unique impact in the world.  

In this Lab you are no longer a student, but are asked to become a pioneer both in your own life, interests, and in the world. You will be looking for the source of your creativity and use it. You are asked to find what matters to you and what matters to your surroundings, and to create whatever it is that connects the two. In the process we discover what drives us, what our talents are, and what we want to take leadership in.

We live in a time where leading a valuable initiative to a meaningful end (whether that is scientific, artistic, entrepreneurial, or social) is rarely something that can be done within one discipline or alone. The challenges in every scientific discipline, in our personal lives, and society at large are so new that they cannot be met with the same ways we have been working with. Instead, that knowledge and those initiatives that are going to make the difference in our not yet sustainable world will exist between people and across fields and disciplines. The overvalued idea of leadership, so often associated with an outdated self-centeredness, is now required to convene people and perspectives around a common quest from which a collective intelligence can come forth.

What this requires is a deeper self-knowledge, fine tuned observation skills, creativity, and stronger sense of personal initiative, but above all the capacity to navigate the chaos, complexity, and uncertainty that come with a deep learning and development process of which the outcome is uncertain.

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