Townmaking is a collaborative initiative for integral, participatory urban development, knowledge creation, and urban digitisation.

A city’s challenges lie in the complexity and interrelatedness of its life, problems, and aspirations. Everyone wants a sustainable and healthy society that promotes wellbeing, but together we produce outcomes that nobody wants. Systems and services that treat humans as numbers, an economy that extracts value from sociale economic life rather than adds to it, ecological fragility and an increase in social division.

An organism such as a city can not effectively meet these challenges without responsive and collective action, without an infrastructure that enables each to contribute to public value.

Townmaking uses a methodology to elicit, analyse, and organise experiential knowledge and knowledge model of the city across domains

Townmaking  has a digital infrastructure for managing knowledge, co-production, and interaction.

Townmaking develops transformative Labs for co-creation.

This is because Townmaking sees a way forward in three related efforts:

  1. A knowledge commons that enables societies to understand itself on an experiential level. Beyond big data, this is meaningful knowledge about the city. A deep feedback and understanding about what makes a certain domein work, the wisdom enclosed in its time tested practices. If this is for all to use and build solutions with, we have
  2. Transformative co-creation processes by which communities discover what is needed, and how they take ownership.
  3. A digital infrastructure that enables systematic knowledge creation, learning and co-creation on a large scale.

Learning Lab is partner in development of Townmaking. Townmaking works as alliance with municipalities, companies, universities, and urban initiatives.