Learning Labs

If we have to reinvent practically every system in which we live, whether it is in our effort to design resilient societies or in the building of a business that makes a difference, then how and what do we learn? We build learning environments in which change makers create beauty and develop their participatory leadership, entrepreneurship, and selves.

Social Innovation & Social Design

School Design Labs
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School Design Labs enable co-creative (re)design of schools. A lab provides a safe and experimental space of co-design and learning for the school community to develop visions, school plans, strategies, and (physical) learning environments. They empowering teachers, students, and the wider school community to have a strong ownership and collective creativity in the development of the school.

Secondary Education – Higher Education – Corporate Learning Environments

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Social Innovation Labs
NYC BMW/Guggenheim Lab

Social Innovation Labs create a learning space in which participating parties can co-design solutions to shared societal issues or realise aspirations of sustainability. Recurring themes include urban regeneration, circular economy, and education.