One Day Dream School is an empowering participatory design proces by which the school community takes ownership and designs its own education, school, en learning environments. The proces includes everyone from the school leadership to the students, and from the teachers and parents to companies in the neighbourhood and local governments. They are assisted by an expert team that believes that everyone has a significant contribution to make. In one day a school can make designs for its dream school, solve problems, develop new ideas, visions and strategies, or try out new forms of work. Most importantly the community learns how to create collectively and engage in meaningful conversation to acces the collective intelligence.

Watch the video of the Participatory Design Lab for One Day Dream School.

School Design Lab

The many developments in 2011 lead to the vision of a new building in which the newly designed learning could take place. In 2014 the exterior of this building was rising on the new location. We now made a 1:1 model of the new building in an old factory so as to be able to design and prototype the interior for the work and learning environments with the students and teachers.